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Alentejo Spa

does anyone need a nice relaxing spa day?

ArtBasel '21

Project consisting of various 3D animations embed on the website.

Artwork DigitalTwins

Multiple artist's art-pieces replicated in 3D for various campaign purposes

Frieze London '20

Art-fair done fully digitally through a multi media campaign.

Tanzania Family House

Visualizations for an international architecture competition done collaboratively.

Apartment 23

Real state images of interior spaces

Factory Quarter

Vast project with multiple visual disciplines.


An architectural project consisted of 6 buildings along a street strip.

Research & Development

Smooth VFX in Niagara

Real life like Visual effects to bring the 3D environments to life.

Web Cinemagraphs

Looping animations to give life to an image

Interactive web animations

The use of 3D assets on the webpage design can be a powerful engaging tool.

Web VR implementation

You can have the sense of being present in a space in your browser.

Multiple VR Projects Compilation

Logic and Narrative flow of showing multiple projects of a Studio on a single VR experience.

VR Mobile optimization

Downsizing for travel presentations while keeping the best quality possible.

As a creative Technologist I love to go deep in the fine points of each technical digital project. With a background on both the design art and technical field, linking both words is where I excel.

Each card represents a specific development done for a project therefore it will take you to the R&D section of that specific project.

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