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About the project

This project grew from a combination of intentions. I wanted to make an smooth relaxing feel good space with overall a good vibe. In a technical side of things, I also wanted to experiment a bit more with cinemapraghs and niagara visual effects.

Client / Project Ownership:

JT® - Personal Project
Cinemagraph are one of my soft spots for sure. Nothing gives you a more relaxing feeling then a smooth looping environment animation slowly hypnotizing you into that realm.

Project's R&D

Earth - Wind - Fire- Water
what more do you need on the scene right?

This project allowed me to play with Niagara visual effects in a looping animation as well as being consistent with the design choices. I went for a more old roman feel with the architecture but keeping it alive with a vibrant color palette. This also allows to keep the attention on the spa bath.

Full Project Gallery

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