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About the project

State of Art - Academy (SOA) is a well renown studio that provides specialized courses focused on Visualization for architecture. This project was the main project for the class I atended.

Client / Project Ownership:

JT® - State of Art Project
A lonely mood.
With an architecture is so unique it could be placed everywhere. so why not place it in the middle of basically nowhere?

Project's R&D

Every story has a main character. A subject.
The night Is setting up on this empty desert space and the rocky background is being hit by the last light of the day. It's shape is so unique, it's like it wants us to follow it's silhouette until we reach the house.
Maybe the house is the subject? But the house Is a monotonous rhythmic repetition that has so few elements, it could not be it could it? What about the one person? No, he is even not looking at us. Then it has to be the lighten up room inside? the simple under dressed lonely one chair room? hmm...

Full Project Gallery

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