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About the project

The project was to create a whole new city block composed of more then 8 buildings, multiple outdoor spaces, a complex usability system, with preservation and revitalization of historic buildings. The visual part of this project had to be equally ambitious.

Client / Project Ownership:

Factory Quarter

Made for the people to live the space, the project captured the elements of its town, Norwich, and brought them to new and exiting standards.

Project's R&D

From design support to marketing elements, this project had a bit of everything.
There is VR experience done for the design team, where you could isolate elements, teleport everywhere and see it as a line draw 2D project to focus on volumes. Then there is narrated VR walkthrough to showcase the project to clients, investors, stakeholders. There's also CGI's for marketing, Video walkthroughs, and so many iterations.

Full Project Gallery

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