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About the project

This project was quite fun. Done with a couple of friends for an international architecture competition.
The brief was to build an extremely low budget house with materials and techniques known in the area located deep in Tanzania for a family of 16.

Client / Project Ownership:

JT® - Competition

Tanzania Family House

The final products for the competition were 2 panels with all the team's decisions, the architectural design, visual, sketches and graphics to guide the viewer through the project.

Project's R&D

As a collaborative project, my part was to turn the architecture design into an appealing visual presentation. Compiling the panels with technical drawings, descriptions and keeping it visually appealing was probably the most complicated part of the project. What has more weight and importance and why?

The CGI's played a crucial part on that presentation since we wanted to demonstrate the openness and focus in the family focus values of the culture.

Full Project Gallery

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