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About the project

There were a lot projects that required unique solutions. The previous website just couldn't keep up with those project to showcase them the best possible way. So I decided to do a new web portfolio from scratch.

Client / Project Ownership:

JT® - Personal Project

WebPortfolio 2.0

More interactive, responsive, expandable, editable, with custom elements and advanced custom fields was the name of the game.

Project's R&D

As a creative technologist, there are a lot of different elements that I want to demonstrate across your own portfolio. For that you need to have the ability to customize your webpage while keeping it expandable, approachable and readable.
This new website has been optimized to be responsive on all devices, with elements like 360 Viewers, integrate 3D animations, AR viewer, Cinemagraphs, embed videos while keeping it fully expandable with in ACF functionality in a CMS environment.

Full Project Gallery

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